Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer

The self-stacking spiral freezer is a compact and hygienic freezer design. Compared to the traditional low tension spiral freezer, the self-stacking spiral freezer eliminates the rails supporting the belt, that means up to 50% more freezing output with the same foot print. The conveyors are almost 100% accessible to cleaning thanks the elimination of the belt rail and drum. The freezer has combined the state-of-the-art clean-in­ place (CIP) system. An open, easily cleanable and accessible design optimizes sanitation standards and decreases system downtime for cleaning and maintenance. This feature reduces contamination and extends the life of the equipment by preventing waste buildup and simplifying the cleaning process.

Tunnel Freezer

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP'S hygienic requirements for food processing equipment. lt is suitable for quickly freezing granular, diced, sliced food, including scallops, squid, shelled shrimp, fillet, etc. The food contacts the solid stainless-steel belt directly, which allows fast and efficient freezing.

Fuidized Bed Freezer

Function description: the fluidized bed freezer uses stainless steel mesh belt. During the transportation, the food is blown by a vertical upward high-speed, high-pressure air flow, and surrounded by low­ temperature air flow in a semi-suspended or suspended state, and then rapidly frozen. There is a mechanical vibration device with adjustable frequency under the belt to ensure that all kinds of products avoid adhesion when freezing.